Christmas crafts: 10 ideas for decorating your home

Christmas is approaching and with it the desire to share and enjoy with the family. Special dates are coming, many take advantage of the December Bridge to decorate their homes for Christmas.

Putting up the tree, polishing the Christmas decorations, untangling the lights, preparing the Advent calendar, etc. Looking for originality, more and more families are betting on Christmas crafts to surprise their guests with unique details and decorations.

And the most important thing, totally DIY, made in a homemade and handmade way.

Christmas decoration comes more varied than ever. Online platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram serve as inspiration to create the most original and surprising Christmas crafts. We have compiled the ten coolest ideas for decorating your home this Christmas.

Christmas decoration ideas

How to make a DIY Advent calendar

There are a thousand and one ways to make an Advent calendar. The Internet is full of ideas to find the design that best suits your home and family. Advent calendars can be childish, romantic, rustic, sweet, etc.

Our favorite? The one that counts down to Christmas through sweets and wishes. Keep them in little kraft envelopes and hang them up. Remember, every day will be a surprise. If you have children you can create an Advent calendar with animals. It will be fun to paint the figures with them and place them in different little boxes.

You’ve seen the chairs.

Chairs are an essential element in Christmas decoration. We spend many hours in them sharing family moments, so it’s a great idea to dedicate specific Christmas crafts to them.

For example, you can put up Christmas ribbons to help enhance your table decoration or put wreaths on the backs, the result will surprise your guests!

The pineapples… The new Christmas trees?

How do you read it! Of all the ideas to decorate at Christmas, this is perhaps the most daring and fun.

In fact, there are already people who are sharing their pineapples turned into Christmas trees on social networks.

This Christmas craft is very simple. Get a good pineapple, or several, and decorate them with balls and other Christmas motifs as if they were a tree.

Christmas with a Millennial Pink twist

What if you change the classic red for pink? It’s no joke, the Millennial Pink has become one of the must-haves of interior design.

There are even images that show that the pink touch can be a great option for your Christmas decoration. It’s not a question of recharging our home with this shade but of adding some pink touches.

For example, in the Christmas balls or in the children’s room with a wreath in a children’s version.

Decorate with dry branches

Are you looking for ideas to decorate dry branches? These are a perfect decorative element for the Christmas season. In addition, dry branches can be made into sustainable Christmas trees. To create a Christmas tree with dry branches, look in the field for one that is sculptural and irregular in shape.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect branch to decorate, decorate it with Christmas crafts. There are no limits to your imagination, and you’ll find that anything will do to give it that warm, festive feel. As a finishing touch, add a garland of lights.

Furoshiki, the art of handkerchief wrapping

Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese art that consists of wrapping and transporting objects with handkerchiefs. Without a doubt, a very creative and ecological option.

In Japan it is customary to wrap gifts with square handkerchiefs instead of disposable paper. What if we adopted this beautiful tradition for our Christmas gifts?

Decorated and personalized napkins

In addition to choosing the tablecloth, dishes and cutlery, pay special attention to the napkins. Here you can create simple but very colourful Christmas crafts.

Place the name of each diner on a small card and tie it to the napkin with a jute string. If you want something more emotional, dare to make beautiful handwritten dedications.

Hanging centerpieces

Forget about the typical centerpieces that take up too much space on the table. Take advantage of these spaces to place the dishes and have direct contact with the guests.

Instead, opt for hanging centrepieces. How? Hang some balls and Christmas decorations from the centre lamp or try other more complex compositions. Let your imagination run wild!

Glass ball with DIY snow

To create your own Christmas crystal balls you will need crystal jars, assorted figurines, miniature books, artificial snow, glitter if you wish, glue, chalk paint and a brush.

Crystal Christmas balls are one of the easiest options for decorating at Christmas. The result is always surprising and very personal. Another Christmas craft to do with the little ones of the house.

However, if you want to leave your guests with their mouths open with your Christmas decoration, try making these crystal balls with snow but instead of jars or cans, use light bulbs. When you have created your Christmas composition, hang them as a garland,

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