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I discovered an extremely intriguing posting sent by HarakahDaily Dot Net’s online reader identified simply by his/her pen name, Bekas Budak UKM. Well, Bekas Budak UKM increased some sensitive present concerns pertaining to Malaysian Malay women as well as I wish that anyone reading this today would eat whatever that I will share right here with an open mind.

Firstly, the letter sent by Bekas Budak UKM to HarakahDaily Dot Net expressed the writer’s issue with the existing style fads of Malaysian Malay females. Bekas Budak UKM has even noted down his concerns as shown down listed below:

Some Malaysian Malay females used short hijabs that did not really cover their ‘aura’ totally. As matter of fact, their necks are exposed rather clearly.

Some Malaysian Malay women used hijabs together with their brief tee t-shirts and some are even sleeveless revealing their arms and shoulders. I believe what Bekas Budak UKM suggested was infant tees, camisoles, raglans, and also storage tank tops.

Some Malaysian Malay ladies wore hijabs in addition to their exceptionally limited suitable denim exposing the form of their booties (excuse me for claiming this) to everybody.

Bekas Budak UKM did discuss a couple of more issues but I’m only curious about the very first 3 as discussed over. For non-Malaysians and also non-Moslems that are reading this today, you initially must recognize that the majority (+90%) of Malaysian Malay ladies are born Moslems.

Moslem ladies are required to cover every part of their body except their face as well as hands (from the pointer of their fingers to the wrist joints) when they have gotten to puberty. Moslem females are likewise prohibited from wearing garments that would expose their physical shapes and also curvatures. Wearing transparent or thin clothes is likewise purely banned in Islam.

In a feeling, the letter sent by Bekas Budak UKM is simply an eye-opener. I’m a Muslim as well and I do not need to be Holy Man to say that the trends of Malaysian Malay females today are not according to the methods of Islam. This is a stressful pattern and I do share my concerns on the matter with lots of various other concerned Muslims in Malaysia.

Please do not ask me why Malaysian Malay ladies that are born Muslims act as well as dress in such a fashion considering that I actually do not have the response. By right, every born Moslems below in Malaysia were exposed to some sort of standard Islamic education and learning when they were young. Numerous were sent to religious teaching schools as well as were shown all about the Islamic way of living there.

I do ask myself just exactly how in the world Malaysian Malay Muslim women entered this kind of mess in the first place. Were they affected by electronic media such as television programs, flicks, etc. somehow? If you are looking for ideas on the current Fashion trends in Malaysia, please take a moment to visit RetailInsider for further info.

We could never ever locate the answers alone. I absolutely wish that Malaysian Malay females would certainly step forward and have their say in this issue. We are all asking ourselves as well as just you can offer us the essential solutions.

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